Freelance Developer

Front-end Developer at Canopie, coded several other freelance projects.

Adnan was very helpful in the intial design stage - and assisted us in narrowing down our requirements in terms of technology stack. He is an experienced front end developer and an effective communicator and highly skilled particularly with React.

Ann Don Bosco - Co-Founder of Canopie


Professional Trader

Built several algorithmic trading strategies, utilising node.js across the forex, crypto and equity markets


Front End Developer


Worked in Buenos Aires Argentina as a Front End developer. Build a payment loans platform using Angular. Built bespoke components using React for e-learning platform EverFi.


Coding Bootcamp

Le Wagon

Completed a web development bootcamp using Ruby and Rails - coded and released an app in 8 weeks.


Financial Analyst

Lloyds Banking Group, National Australia Bank and Barclays Bank

Worked across various corporate financial analyst roles, analysing company balance sheets and producing models. Also worked as a derivative structurer in sales and trading.


Economics Major

London School of Economics

Studied economics - macro, micro and financial markets.

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